Message from the Director

The CDEME was conceived as a way to develop and promote innovative and culturally appropriate disaster, urgent and emergency medicine practice models and training program to a wide array of stakeholders in China. I am honored to be the founding director of the CDEME and am very excited about the great opportunity to make a difference in the disaster and emergency medicine education landscape in China. My interest in medical education started during my emergency medicine residency years. My interests continue through my careers as a Chief Resident at the Brooklyn Hospital Center (affiliated with Weill College of Medicine of Cornell University), Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch, fellow of American College of Emergency Medicine Teaching Fellowship, and Assistant Professor at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. I enjoy treating patients individually in the emergency department; however, educating future physicians so that they could provide cost-effective evident-based international standard emergency care to greater public has an even bigger impact. I really appreciate this opportunity and look forward to working with the diversity and various background, skill sets expertise of CDEME collaborators domestically and internally to advance comprehensive international standard disaster and emergency medicine care in China.


Joseph H. Chang, MD MBA CPE FACEP 张宣义、医学博士、工商管理硕士
Director, UFH Center for Disaster and Emergency Medicine Education 和睦家医疗灾害和紧急医学教育中心主任