The Center for Primary Care Practice and Education (CPCPE) was founded by United Family Healthcare (UFH) in June 2012 to enhance the primary care expertise in the UFH health system and China. Our vision is for UFH to become an internationally recognized model of excellence for integrated, effective, safe and accessible health care.

To achieve this vision, the CPCPE develops, disseminates and implements standards for the ongoing practice, education and training of healthcare personnel engaged in an integrated delivery of all aspect of care within the United Family Healthcare system. It is our hope that the Center’s success will benefit United Family Healthcare, its affiliated facilities and China’s primary care community.

The CPCPE also hopes to use its resources and knowledge to partner with interested organizations to promote primary care practice in China.


“Primary care,” defined in the context for the CPCPE, means essential health services. Essential health services are services that are involved with the primary, secondary or tertiary prevention and management of diseases. The “Practice of Primary Care” for the CPCPE is a culture of medical practice that promotes access to comprehensive, coordinated and continuous care of essential health services. This primary care practice culture is created and maintained through human resource management, education, work flows, registries, and policies that promote integrated health care.

Excellent primary care practice requires integration and at times deliberate redesign of existing health practices. Efficient integration of individually complex processes such as medical departments has been the subject of several studies in the healthcare and business fields. The United Family Healthcare system is in a unique position to become an internationally recognized model for primary care practice as it provides a broad range of inpatient and outpatient services and are viewed by most of our patients as their “medical home”.


If you are interested in applying for an internship here at the CPCPE, please fill out the form here at this link: CPCPE Intern Application. Please follow the instructions carefully, as you will need to upload several forms along with the survey. If you have any problems, please email  Please allow 5 working days for reply.  Please check your spam folder if you do not a reply.