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Our Vision

Our vision is a Chinese healthcare system by built on a firm foundation of excellent primary care, led by outstanding family physicians.

Our Mission

“The good GP will treat patients both as people and as a population.”

-Ann Leck and Ian Leck (1987), What is a good GP?, British Medical Journal, 294 (6568), 351-2.

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Our mission is to train holistic, patient-centered family physicians who will become future leaders in transforming healthcare for China. Our graduates will have a firm foundation in the principles of comprehensive, coordinated, and continuous primary care and recognize their role in the community at large.


The United Family Healthcare Family Medicine Training Program (UFH FMTP) is an internal training program created to meet primary care staffing needs within the UFH system. Our hope is to become a model for other Chinese private health care enterprises who wish to promote the principles of primary care. The UFH FM Training Program’s curriculum and training formats are adopted from leading family medicine and general practice training programs in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Our goal is to train Chinese physicians who have finished their Chinese fellowship to practice family medicine at the standard of the aforementioned countries.

Family Medicine

There are many definitions of primary care/general medicine but most include the specialties of general internal medicine (also called adult medicine) and general pediatrics. Formal family medicine training takes place in emergency rooms, general inpatient ward, intensive care units, labor and delivery, gynecology, surgery, orthopedics, and mental health (see rotation schedule). In addition, family medicine training includes health maintenance, evidence-based medicine, public health and disease prevention. Family physicians are especially well suited for undifferentiated outpatient clinics that are set up to provide follow-up care with a similar team of physicians.

Program Leadership

Dr. Evelyn Fang, the director of UFH’s Center for Primary Care Practice and Education, is the Program Chair for the training program. Dr. Fang formerly held a full-time faculty position at University of California San Francisco’s Fresno Graduate Medical Education Program from 2002-2005.

Dr. Setsuko Hosoda is the Program Director and was a clinical professor at Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine fellowship in Seattle, Washington, USA. She has also taught at University of California San Francisco at the San Francisco General Hospital and lectured at primary care conferences in Japan.

Dr. Sarai Nietvelt is the Assistant Program Director.  She received her medical degree from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and training in Tropical Medicine from the Institute of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Antwerp, Belgium

Online Application

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The 2015 UFH Family Medicine Training Program has started accepting applications. If you want recruitment information about the fellowship program, please email or

United Family Healthcare Family Medicine fellowship Curriculum Outline

UFH Family Medicine Fellowship Application Form