Core Areas of Focus

How the CPCPE will achieve its vision

To achieve our vision, the CPCPE will concentrate its efforts on well-established and effective methods of improving patient health outcomes. Specifically, we will focus on promoting practices in the following four core areas of focus.

  1. Improve access to care. Improved access for many medical issues has been shown to decrease disease morbidity and increase patient satisfaction. Patient education, appropriate resource allocation, and decreasing the barriers to essential healthcare services could all improve access to essential services.
  2. Identify and manage discrete patient populations. Certain chronic conditions and preventive initiatives have been shown to benefit from long term follow ups with a multi-disciplinary approach. Patient reminders, registries and well-maintained patient problem-lists that are accessible by all of a patient’s health care providers could improve the health of patient populations.
  3. Coordinate healthcare services. This is achieved by ensuring the appropriate flow of clinical information between different services. Specialists should provide timely feedback to primary care physicians and primary care physicians should coordinate the care provided by various services, communicate with specialists and use tools like registries and case managers to improve health outcomes.
  4. Prevent disease and promote health. Providing good evidence-based primary, secondary and tertiary prevention allows efficient use of medical resources and provides better health outcomes.