Collaboration and Partnerships

Collaboration and Partnerships

As life-long learners in the medical community, we understand the importance of collaboration.  As an international hospital, we have teachers from around the world who help to train our fellows and develop our curriculum.  The sharing of information and knowledge not only benefits our program, but also helps to raise the bar of family medicine education throughout the world.

2014-12 Dr. Sy from HKU

Visiting Guest faculty Dr. Barre Sy from the University of Hong Kong

Beiyi Hospitals

Since 2012, UFH FM training program has provided English talks and workshops to the General Medicine residents of Peking Medical School’s First, Second and Third affiliated hospitals.  Their residents rotate at Beijing United Hospital to see and learn how primary care is delivered in an international setting.  The faculty at Bei Yi hospital serves as advisors to the UFH FM Training Program Advisory Board.

Huaxing Hospital, Beijing

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Dr. Daniel Porter is a renowned professor at Tsinghua University’s Huaxing Hospital in the department of orthopedics.  The UFH Family Medicine fellows spend time at Huaxing Hospital to learn orthopedics from Dr. Porter.  He is formerly a professor from Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Port Hedland, Australia

Starting their second level, family medicine fellows may have an opportunity to rotate at Port Hedland hospital in Western Australia.  Port Hedland is a port town rich in natural resources and home to a population of about 15,000 people.  The family medicine fellows have the opportunity to see family doctors attend to medical emergencies, delivery babies, provide newborn care, splint/cast, provide remote medical care and provide a wide scope of  services.  This rotation is supervised by family medicine physicians Drs. Ganesan Sakarapani and Sarah McEwan.

Oregon Health Sciences University, United States

Faculty Development Lecture Series:  The UFH Family Medicine Training Program started a longitudinal faculty development series in 2014.  Dr. Ben Hoffman is a professor from the pediatric department at Oregon Health Sciences University.  His lectures are broadcast via WebEx over multiple sites at UFH (including Ulaan Bataar in Mongolia).   He will be a visiting guest faculty member in the fall of 2015.

Stanford University, United States

Telemedicine:  In 2015, United Family Hospitals and Clinics started a telemedicine consultation project with Lucille-Packard Children’s Hospital of Stanford University Medical Center.  The UFH Family Medicine Training Program took part in the very first telemedicine consultation on a complex pediatric case.  We are participating in this project in the hope of providing access to world-class medical care for underserved orphan children in China.

Guest lecturer:  The UFH Family Medicine Training Program invited Dr. Ewen Wang of the Stanford Pediatric Emergency Department to give a televideo CME lecture which was telecast to many of our facilities.   We hope to arrange regular talks from Dr. Wang and her colleagues.

University of Hong Kong

Dr. Barre Sy is one of our first visiting guest faculty and participated in the Family Medicine Intensive month for our 2014 class of family medicine fellows.  He is an associate professor in family medicine at the University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen and received his training in Taiwan and South Africa.  He has worked in Canada and China.

We are currently working to develop a rotation at the University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen.