Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Do I have to have an active Chinese medical license?

A: Yes. In addition, at this time we are only able to accept Chinese nationals and holders of passports from Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau.


2. Q: Am I guaranteed a job with UFH after I graduate from this program?

A: Our hope is to train excellent family doctors who will stay on to become members of the UFH team, however depending on the staffing needs of the various service areas, it is possible that we may not be able to offer you a long term contract with UFH.


3. Q: Will you provide a certificate of residency training upon completion of the program?

A: We are currently not an official training site, so we are unable to offer an official certificate of residency completion at this time. You will receive a certificate of completion from our training program upon successful completion.


4. Q: Can I finish the program in less than 3 years?

A: Although this is possible, it is very unlikely unless you have had extensive international clinical experience in primary care. We have found that three years is probably the minimum time needed to successfully train high quality family physicians who meet international standards.


5. Q: Is an international rotation guaranteed or a required part of the training?

A: We do our best to offer our fellows a chance to go abroad, however this is not a guaranteed or required part of your training. It is only offered to trainees in good academic standing and is dependent on the availability of slots at the international site.


6. Q: If I have a traditional Chinese medicine license, can I apply?

A: We accept applications from graduates of traditional Chinese medical schools, however you must have a western medical license. We do not accept candidates with only traditional Chinese medical licenses.


7. Q: What are the salaries and benefits?

A: Your monthly total take home pay will be competitive compared with other physicians of similar training level and seniority. Social insurance and benefits in line with the Chinese Labor Law.


8. Q: How much time off will I get?

A: Days off are determined in accordance with Chinese labor laws. Between days allotted for reading time and paid time off – it is generally around 12 days per year.


9. Q: What are my teachers like?

A. Currently, we have primary care and specialists physicians working at UFH from 50 different countries who may all contribute to your learning. Our current core family medicine physicians are from the UK, USA, Belgium, France, Canada and Australia.