Further Information

Organization of the Center for Primary Care Practice and Education

The CPCPE is one of the entities under the authority of the Vice President of Medical Affairs who sets broad strategic objectives and provides guidance to the CPCPE Director. The CPCPE Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the CPCPE, the identification and coordination of Fellows and Consultants and the management of CPCPE projects and funds.

The CPCPE Director and the CPCPE Fellows generate, select and implement tasks and projects designed to enhance primary care practice within the UFH system, and which may have relevance to the wider China healthcare system. CPCPE Fellows are selected from within and outside the UFH system. Ideally, CPCPE Fellows possess keen interest in fostering primary care principles, have mature clinical and/or administrative experience, and have capabilities that benefit the CPCPE. They serve voluntarily but their travel and communication expenses are reimbursed by the CPCPE. Those individuals currently employed within the UFH system who also serve as CPCPE Fellows do so with the support of their institutional clinical and administrative leadership.

Funding for the Center for Primary Care Practice and Education

The Center is funded by United Family Healthcare as well as through grants from and collaborative agreements with other organizations. Any surplus funds generated by the by the CPCPE are used to pay for contracted expenses and to support future CPCPE projects.


The perfection of the practice of primary care requires a deliberate effort by patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers. As a healthcare system, United Family Healthcare is committed to doing our part in providing integrated, effective, safe and accessible health care.

As the Center for Primary Care Practice and Education grows and matures, our projects and focus may change based on available resources and other micro and macroenvironment considerations. Whatever changes may come, the Center’s will always be committed to ensuring that we are doing what we are doing because we want our patients to get the best healthcare possible. This is a daunting task given the different backgrounds of our patients and healthcare staff, and the dynamic changes happening in China. However, as a journey of a thousand mile begins with the first step, the Center for Primary Care Practice and Education is taking the first steps in modeling the care we would advocate for we ourselves and our own families. We appreciate your support in this worthwhile journey.