Message from the Director

I am honored to be the first director for the Center for Primary Care Practice and Education and am excited at the role the Center will have in improving healthcare delivery in the United Family Healthcare system. A major reason for my excitement is that my role may provide opportunities for me to work with clinicians, teachers of medicine, healthcare administrators, and policy makers that are also interested in providing integrated, effective, safe and accessible healthcare.

The Center for Primary Care Practice and Education was first conceived by Dr. Rutstein, the Vice President of Medical Affairs of United Family Healthcare as a way to improve the foundation of how healthcare services are provided in the various UFH institutions and to act as a bridge to align UFH’s efforts with the growing momentum in Chinese society to improve primary health care.

My interest in promoting the principles of primary care stems from my experience as a medical student, resident, residency faculty in Fresno, California from (2002-2005), director of a hospitalist service in Alaska Native Medical Center (2010-2012) and my experience as a practicing physician in Beijing (2005-2009, currently). The above experiences have impressed upon me the importance of healthcare system structures that promote excellent primary care education and encourage medical students to choose primary care specialties. I have also learned that coordination of services is vital in ensuring that the benefits of medical technology and excellent medical education are translated into improved healthcare outcomes.

I look forward to working with other health care stakeholders inside and outside of China to improve healthcare delivery through the building of strong primary care foundations.


Evelyn Fang, MD MPH 方玉婷、 医学博士、公卫硕
American Board of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine, Dual Boarded 全科主治医生
Director of Center for Primary Care Practice and Education 全科实习与教育中心主任