United Family Healthcare

United Family Healthcare (UFH) is an international hospital and clinic network that provides private, premium healthcare. UFH has led the way in private international healthcare in China. After almost two decades, UFH has established itself with hospitals and clinics in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Tianjin, Qingdao, Bo’ao and Nanjing as the provider of choice for those seeking premium, personalized healthcare. There are over 400 full-time doctors from 25 different countries and regions working in UFH. Additionally there are over 1000 part-time experts and over 900 nurses on the team.

From the first day UFH came to be, we have always put patients first, drawing from the best medical models from both east and west. UFH has never veered from its path of continuous quality improvement for the sake of our patients; this includes always putting quality, safety, and service first.

With primary care as the core philosophy of our general practice, UFH has built a continuous comprehensive system that starts from preventive care and covers diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. This healthcare system, combined with the employment of a strict medical standard, the adoption of proven medical management techniques, and a willingness to invest in infrastructure and technology, has allowed United Family Healthcare to achieve remarkable results for its patients and set a healthcare delivery standard for others to emulate.

UFH is constantly striving to meet and exceed worldwide service quality and patient safety standards. This level of quality is evidenced by our sixth Joint Commission International (JCI) reaccreditation.

Mission & Vision

UFH Vision

To Be Asia's Premium Standard-Setting Healthcare System

UFH Mission

United Family Healthcare (UFH) is a pioneering, international-level health system providing comprehensive, integrated healthcare in a uniquely warm, caring, patient service-oriented environment.

UFH Core Values: ICARE

A UFH family member is always:


A Message From Our CEO

Dear Colleagues,

Twenty-five years ago a seed of an idea was born – to create in China a healthcare platform that would combine best practices from around the world, to provide truly patient centered care. Twenty years ago the first United Family Hospital began serving patients in Beijing, with a passion born of the hope to make an impact, not only on the patients we serve directly, but to also have some influence on the thinking around healthcare reform in the most populous country in the world.

This August United Family celebrated our 20th year of operations. At our Anniversary Gala we were able to look back at 20 years of caring for patients, by keeping them healthy through appropriate screening and prevention, curing illness and alleviating suffering. We also proudly reviewed how our innovative practices attracted the attention of policy makers, and reflected on ways in which we continue to see concepts promoted by United Family echoed in today’s reforms.

In these 20 years we have built a business that has brought rewards not only to our patients but also to our staff, now totaling 2700, as well as to our investors. As employers, we were ranked number one by Ding Xiang Yuan and Mckenzie as the “Best Employer” in the Private Healthcare Category. Our brand has been granted numerous awards for its value.

There are those who say that we have not only created a business – but also gave a start to an industry. We are happy that others have seen our success and are endeavoring to emulate the high-quality care and service that has become synonymous with United Family. Although this could also be seen as competition, our commitment to our core values as expressed in our culture of Innovation, Caring, Accountability, Respect, and Pursuit of Excellence; continues to secure our industry leadership position. Our continued commitment to safety and quality was once again memorialized this year by our sixth JCI reaccreditation.

2017 has been not only a year of reflection, but also a year of continued innovation and building toward the future. In 2017 we opened new clinics in Shanghai and Nanjing. We developed new service lines in all of our hospitals and introduced innovative surgeries. For example, we added Scarless Thyroidectomy to our da Vinci Robotic surgeries which already include Urological, Gynecological, and Hepatic, Colorectal, and Thoracic procedures – all of which minimize bleeding and greatly shorten recovery time for our patients.

We have further added to our concept of complete life cycle care by expanding our Postpartum Rehabilitation (PPR) program from Beijing to Qingdao, with plans to start PPR services in Shanghai and Guangzhou in 2018. We have also signed an agreement to work with the China Maternal Child Health Association to set the standards for PPR in China, as a professional and scientific approach to the traditional concept of Yuezi.

During this year we also made great progress on the building of four new United Family Hospitals located in Guangzhou, Shanghai Pudong and Puxi, and Beijing, all of which will open in 2018.

Our foundation – the United Foundation for China’s Health, continued to serve our communities’ less fortunate patients, including orphans, migrant families and homeless people, with the same quality and passion afforded to our paying patients. Our Wheels for Life mobile clinic, in addition to continuing to carry this care to our partner Welfare Homes in the vicinity of Beijing – this summer embarked on a new program of Cancer Screening and Prevention when we drove 5000 km to Ningxia where we screened 1274 women for Cervical and Breast Cancer. The innovation in this program allowed us to immediately perform curative procedures on women who screened positively for HPV related disease.

The work of our foundation was recognized by Amcham and Britcham with its 2017 CSR Award. This work will now enter a new phase of development thanks to recognition given by the Civil Affairs Ministry which has invited us to register as a foundation with official status in China.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to every person in our team, from doctors to nurses, to front line and back office staff, and to our corporate team, as well. Our service to our patients and to society is possible through your daily efforts. Our success would not be possible as a simple product of our collective labor – but is only possible because we have not forgotten the passion of our founding. It is through this passion that we will continue to be the standard setting, industry thought leaders for high end healthcare in China.

With this, I wish you and your families a peaceful, happy, and healthy 2018 and continued fulfillment from your commitment to our great endeavor.

Warmest Regards,
Roberta Lipson

Management Team

  • 李碧菁

    董事长 / 总裁 CEO

    Roberta Lipson

    Board Chair/ Chief Executive Officer
  • 施杰福

    首席运营官 COO

    Dr. Jeff Staples

    Chief Operating Officer
  • 韩博林


    Dr. DJ Hamblin-Brown

    Vice President, Medical Affairs
  • 薛文

    首席财务官 CFO

    Walter Xue

    Chief Financial Officer
  • 解明


    Xie Ming

    Senior Vice President, Hospital Development
  • 沈晓雁

    副总裁 / 护理总监

    Shen Xiaoyan

    Vice President, Nursing/ Chief Nursing Officer
  • 盘仲莹

    副总裁 /北京和睦家医院院长

    Sylvia Pan

    Vice President/
    General Manager,
    Beijing United Family Hospital
  • 卢跃红


    Emilie Lu

    Vice President, Supply Chain
  • 傅端


    Daniel Fulton

    Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • 侯淮龙


    Simon Hou

    Vice President, Finance/ Financial Controller
  • 胡春


    Katty Hu

    Vice President, Human Resources
  • 柯建西


    Joshua Kurtizig

    Vice President, Postpartum Rehabilitation & Healthcare Partnerships
  • 王凌军


    Judy Wang

    Vice President, Legal
  • 邢建宾


    Jason Xing

    Vice President, Information Technology Services
  • 李云燕

    副总裁、销售 & 市场

    Chloe Li

    Vice President,
    Sales & Marketing
  • 鲍佳慧


    Dr. Joy Pao

    Vice President, Quality & Safety