International Medical Opinions

Our International Expertise

United Family Healthcare (UFH) has been pioneering international healthcare in Asia for almost two decades. Beijing United Family Hospital was opened in 1997 as an American-owned and managed hospital serving primarily the expatriate community in China. Today we have over 200 full-time foreign physicians on staff, and our hospital and clinic network in China is internationally accredited by the Joint Commission, like most hospitals in the United States.

Our patients come from 120 countries. For their convenience, medical records are provided in bilingual English and Chinese, and our Patient Services team provides translation in 45 languages. Our medical staff regularly attend international conferences and stay current on best practices. International is who we are and what we do.

Your Gateway to the World

Seeking an international medical opinion? Make an appointment for an initial consultation with a UFH physician and explore the services we offer. This can include connecting with international specialists present in China and, through telemedicine, with some of the top hospitals in the United States. and other countries. UFH has arranged physician-to-physicians consultations with specialists from a number of the highest-ranking medical centers in the world. Your UFH physician discusses your case with a specialist abroad, and you receive a written opinion. Referral and transfer to overseas medical centers can also be arranged. Regardless of your choices, UFH ensures that your care is coordinated, continuous, and well-considered.