UFH Nursing Philosophy

Congruent with the United Family Healthcare (UFH)mission, the UFH Nursing is committed to providing quality and safe nursing care in a uniquely warm and caring patient and family service-centered environment to our diverse patient population.

Nurse_06 Nursing Philosophy

  • We recognize that patients and their families are the fundamental and central focus for the delivery of safe and quality nursing care
  • We believe that all patients are entitled to expect a culturally-competent and respectful care as nurses fulfill their commitment in promoting health, preventing illness through patient education, managing illness and restoring health
  • We value the nurses’ autonomous practice utilizing the nursing process while recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork within a positive work environment
  • We believe nursing requires lifelong learning, which involves mentoring, continuing training and education that promotes personal and professional development, enhances critical thinking and demonstrates high level of competence
  • We support evidence-based nursing practice with the purpose of improving patient care.
  • We identify best practices through collaboration with other healthcare professionals to provide the highest possible quality nursing care and optimal patient outcome.