Sleep Study Instructions

During the next night you are going to perform a sleep study. Proper preparation and use the equipment provided is important to avoid incorrect measurement.

wearingguide1.  We need to know your normal sleeping time (when you go to bed and wake up normally) to program the equipment.

2.  Please charge the device for four hours before use.

3.  Our medical staff will explain and demonstrate how to apply the measurement device.

1)  Please place the device on top of any clothing you wear to sleep.
2)  To ensure correct measurements, it is important to adjust the belt tightly around your chest and abdomen.
3)  Please place the wire from the finger clip under the sleeve of any clothing and connect it to the device.
4)  Use one bandage to fix the nasal tube on your cheek and another to secure the wire on the oximetry probe on your finger.

deviceIn general, it is recommended to sleep in a quiet room to avoid recording noise from the environment, such as traffic noise or snoring from a spouse.  Please  don’t take any sleeping pills or drink alcohol before testing. This affects your sleep and the results of the sleep study. Please also refrain from covering your head with pillow or blanket as it might cause a false reading.

When you return the device the next day, please let us know if anything out of the ordinary happened during the night. Please place a note inside the device bag if this is the case.

We wish you a pleasant night. See you in the morning!

References: SOMNOcheckR effort (WEINMANN) Manual