In CCR Research Competition Seminar held on November 30, UFH CEO Roberta Lipson announced the three winners of research competition and awarded them the certificates. Please join us in congratulating the three winners for the 10,000 RMB reward per project. Other candidates will also be awarded with 2,500 RMB per project for encouragement.

Top 3 winners:

Dr. Xiao Mingyue—“Transcranial direct current stimulation effects in disorders of consciousness”

Dr. Wei Cheng— “The study of a Novel CCL4L1 Mutation associated with persistent cloaca”

Dr. Munkhtuya.E—“Molecular biological study of antibiotic resistance of obligate anaerobes will be isolated from maxillofacial infections”

Other candidates:

Dr. Jenny Wang—“The effect of walking rehabilitation robot on walking ability of post stroke survivors”

Dr. Katherine Bi—“Study of internal medicine department patient needs and quality of care improvement intervention”

Dr. Anne Minsart—“Obstetric outcome in Chinese and expatriate mothers in SHU”

Dr. Anne Minsart—“Vaginal birth after cesarean delivery in Chinese and expatriate women in Shanghai”

At the same day, CCR also invited Dr. Ping Chen (Director of NIAID Office in China) to give us a good speech about “NIH Research Funding Opportunity”. CCR is glad to share the PPT with all UFH members.

PPT link see below: