Purpose:  To encourage UFH staff (medical and non medical) to become engaged in research by providing seed funding.

Qualified Persons:  All UFH staff (medical as well as non medical staff) can apply.

Application Requirements:  each applicant needs to comply with all of the following:

1.  Research proposal should be submitted before the deadline 5 pm October 30, 2015.

2.  Complete all IRB forms and obtain the IRB approval for the proposed research prior to submission.

3.  Research project should be completed within 1 year.

4.  Status report to be submitted to CCR no later than July 31, 2016.

5.  Publication of final results or presentation in a national or international conference.

6.  Submission of budget with the proposal and end of project reconciliation of award money.

Reward:  Three awards each totaling RMB 10,000  will be given to the top 3 applicants.  The award can be used for any item related to the proposed research EXCEPT for salary.  Ideally, the award will be used as a stepping stone for further research and grants to be obtained internally or externally.

The awards will be announced November 30, 2015.