Affecting hundreds of millions of lives worldwide, the covid-19 pandemic has posed a challenge to the traditional way of delivering medical services and raised new medical and health demands. The Internet-based tele-consultation service, enabled by the video conferencing technology, has gained increasing popularity among the seriously ill patients seeking overseas medical help, and brings world-advanced medical resources to your door.

Catering to this demand, on the afternoon of May 7, Qingdao United Family Hospital (QDU) officially launched the international tele-consultation platform to connect patients with top experts in various medical fields worldwide and offer them more treatment options.

The launch ceremony of the QDU international tele-consultation platform

The Internet-based platform breaks the geographical and language barriers with the help of modern communications technology, and enables face-to-face consultation with overseas top doctors and access to their professional and reliable medical advice. With the video conferencing technology, patients can share their diagnosis and pathologic reports produced at home with overseas experts, who will then read the reports, discuss with Chinese experts and then give their medical opinion via the video link.

Leading experts on the platform

At the launch ceremony, QDU General Manager Wang Ao said that since its inception, United Family Healthcare (UFH) has been upholding international standards and providing excellent medical services to the patients, while introducing cutting-edge medical concepts and models into China. “We have been working hard to improve China’s medical service system. Our founder Robert Lipson has been bringing advanced medical equipment and technologies into China in the past 40 years, such as the real-time B-ultrasonic machine, monitoring instrument, nuclear magnetic resonance scanner and surgical robots. While delivering medical services, we always keep in mind our due social responsibilities.”

Wang Ao, General Manager of QDU

Like many countries, China faces a huge public health challenge, as it has the world’s largest population, largest patient population, highest cancer rate, fast aging population and long-standing chronic diseases. Patient-centered as UFH always is, this interdisciplinary service platform led by top medical experts at home and abroad will put patients’ health in the first place, pool global outstanding medical resources and give patients easy access to the diagnostic and treatment advice from experts virtually.

According to Doctor Li Li, head of the platform and QDU Dermatology Department, the platform will gather advanced medical resources from at home and abroad, promote professional exchange among medical workers and thus stimulate common progress in medical practices and technologies. It will provide people-centered care for the health and wellbeing of patients.

Doctor Li Li, head of the platform and QDU Dermatology Department

The phase one operation of the platform will include the following five departments: 1. The Ultra-early Integrated Medical Service Department is dedicated to the ultra-early prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases (including cancers) associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. 2. The Immunotherapy and Cancer Vaccines Department is specialized in the treatment of cancers and tumors, immunotherapy, and the preparation of cancer vaccines. 3. The Integrated Immunoenhancement Department provides personalized treatment plans to enhance patients’ immunity and prevent diseases and treat cancers. In particular it combines immune activation with standard treatment to provide more diversified and effective treatment options for cancer patients. 4. The Medical Cosmetic Department will introduce the latest technology and world-class treatment plan to provide medical aesthetic services, while paying attention to the anatomic differences between the Asian and Caucasian peoples so as to achieve a delicate, natural effect. 5. The Orthomolecular (Nutrition) Department will detect molecular (nutrient content) abnormalities in the cells by reading the blood test results, specify their relevance to diseases and symptoms, and adjust the patient’s diet accordingly to reach nutritional balance and provide etiological treatment.

Services available on the international tele-consultation platform

Since its founding in 1997, the UFH has been working to introduce advanced medical and rehabilitation concepts into China. After 23 years of development, it has grown into a comprehensive medical group providing world-class health services from prevention, healthcare, treatment to rehabilitation. Following the UFH’s service philosophy, QDU provides a wide arrange of medical services including General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Postpartum Recovery, Dermatology, and Stomatology, to serve patients and their families “from cradle to retirement”.
If you are interested in the international tele-consultation service, call our 24-hour hotline 4008-91919 for more information or to make an appointment.