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As a leading premium healthcare system in China, United Family Health (UFH) has over the past twenty years built up its reputation for quality of care and patient satisfaction. This has drawn not only more and more patients to seek medical care at UFH, but has also attracted, and will continue to attract an increasing number of physicians, dentists, radiologists, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals to join the family.

Many medical professionals chose to join UFH for its international standard clinical practice, its clean and pleasant working environment, its caring and collaborative medical staff teams, and its rewarding patient care experience; many others, as they become seasoned UFH family members, will tell you that our organization highly values the clinical advancement of our medical professionals. Here at UFH, you will have various CME opportunities throughout the year, which will help you enhance your medical knowledge and clinical skills, and thrive in your professional field.

The Center of Clinical Learning (CCL) of the United Family Healthcare (UFH) creates and manages clinical learning opportunities to support the front line and improve clinical knowledge and skills, including:

Internal training activities

Such programs mainly aim to address our medical staff learning needs, and they can take place in different facilities across our system. Such as: UFH Way New Physician Training Program, Department training, Medical English Course, NRP/EENC training, Nursing residency, Pharmacy residency, mentorship between BJU and other facilities, internal and guest speakers at lunch CMEs and morning rounds.


External partnership training

Such programs are built upon collaborations with external entities or resources. For example, we sent medical staff to participate in DaVinci system training, short-term training of nurses at Beiyi 3rd Hospital and CIP, joint EENC training effort with China CDC, joint training with Beijing Institute of Education, and many government required license/certification training.

UFH also offers family medicine fellowship and emergency medicine fellowship programs (please refer to relevant web pages for additional information).


International seminars/conferences

CCL establishes partnerships with leading medical centers, universities, and professional societies. Such partnerships bring in learning opportunities that help strengthen UFH clinical expertise, broaden medical exchanges with global medical leaders, and enhance UFH reputation.


Internal Learning Activity

Internal training activities - such programs mainly aim to address our medical staff learning needs, and they can take place in different facilities across our system. Such as: UFH Way Physician Chapter, Medical English Program, NRP/EENC, nursing residency, pharmacy residency, mentorship between BJU and other facilities, internal and guest speakers at lunch CMEs and morning rounds.

UFH New Medical Staff Orientation

UFH Center of Learning, by working with clinical leaders across the system, developed and implemented this training program for medical staff who newly join UFH. This training focuses on three major components, including communication, documentation and evidence-based medicine, to help shorter the learning curve in the participants new clinical care environment. The training also included a large amount of real-life case studies in collaboration with Patient Services, and incorporated teaching and discussions around I-CARE, the ultimate UFH organizational value system. This training is being conducted bi-monthly since 2016, and is mandate training for all medical staff.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Top-10 Pediatric Diseases

From January to June of 2017, Beijing United Family Hospital Department of Pediatrics worked with UFH Center of Learning developed and implemented an internal training for its junior pediatricians. This training helped young doctors, many of whom newly joined UFH family, to have a head-start as they step onto their new professional path. Topics of the training, as instructed by Dr Yang Ming and Dr Alfred HuYoung, included respiratory care, E coli UTI, common cold and fever, pneumonia, acute otitis media, diarrhea, infection, etc.

External Partnership Training

External partnership training - such programs are built upon Collaboration with external entities or resources. For example, we sent medical staff to participate in DaVinci system training, short-term training of nurses at Beiyi 3rd Hospital and CIP, joint EENC training effort with China CDC, and many government required license/certification training. Access with online learning system programs with Relias Learning, at the moment Palliative Care & GNOSIS for Obstetrics are available for BJU NED & SHU OB.

Also CCL providing funds support for external clinical training, in year 2017, total 105 training activities were supported by CCL, training budget offering training opportunities to all full-time Nurse, Physician, Pharmacist, Technician, Therapist and Quality & safety (JCI related training).

If you have any query about training funds support please contact Kathy GUO at kathy.guo@ufh.com.cn

NRP Instructor Training with China CDC

In order to reduce the incidence and mortality of neonatal asphyxia, and for medical care institutions at all levels to improve the capacity of their neonatal critical illness treatment, the UFH Center of Learning partnered with the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to organize an NRP instructor training course on May 13, 2017.

We invited Prof. Ye Hongmao from Qinghua University and Prof. Yu Renjie from Peking University to teach this course as faculty. We had physicians from BJU, SHU, TJU, and nurses from BJU, SHU, TJU, QDU totaling 15 participants who joined this instructor training. All 15 participants passed the exam and practice test to receive their NRP Instructor Certificate.

We expect these certified NRP trainers to carry this program forward within the UFH system. According to health policy in China, it is mandated that at each delivery there must be at least one NRP certified provider present. This provider can be a pediatrician, an OBGYN doctor, and/or a nurse. CCL will continue to work with China CDC, UFH Nursing Education Department, and CDEME to meet this requirement. In 2017, CDC qualified Instructors have provided over 15 NRP training courses, and trained a total of 141 participants.

Seminars/ Conferences

International seminars/conferences - such programs are created to strengthen UFH clinical expertise, to broaden medical exchanges with global medical leaders, and to enhance UFH and BJU reputation. We usually partner with an international healthcare system as well as Chinese 3A hospitals to build such a platform. Our current partners include Cedars Sainai Medical Center, Houston Methodist Hospital, Cleveland Clinics, University of California San Diego medical center, University of Texas Health Services, University of Cincinnati, Taiwan National University, Taiwan Changgeng Hospital, Beijing Tumor Hospital, China Medicine Education Association, and so on. Conducting educational events not only provide excellent learning opportunities for our medical staff, but also help promote UFH reputation, in both clinical care quality and patient care, in the China healthcare market.

In 2017, Center of Learning have held 3 international clinical conferences, topic covers Pediatric, ObGyn, Nutrition, and healthy lifestyle.

In 2018, we have scheduled collaboration with Pediatric, Urology, Oncology, and orthopedics departments for clinical conferences. 23rd June BJU Great wall Urology Conference, 23th June PDU Pediatric Cardiology Conference, Oncology conference scheduled in October.

Beijing Women’s Healthcare Public Forum:

In September of 2017, over 500 medical professionals, health workers and participants from the communities attend the Beijing Women’s Healthcare Public Forum, hosted by Beijing United Family Hospital, Department of ObGyn. Topics of this conference cover areas such as pregnancy preparedness, nutrition management, prenatal ultrasound, Postpartum pelvic Rehabilitation and female STD. Dr. Sam Liu, Dr. Chang Ling, Dr. Zhu Yu, and their ObGyn team utilize this conference to increase patient awareness, public education, and promoted UFH brand.

International Forum for the Management of Extremely Low Birth Weight and Extremely Preterm Infants:

In October 2017, our Department of Pediatrics under the leadership of Dr. Yang Ming hosted this event at Beijing United Family Hospital. The forum was designed to be an exciting pediatric education event, with topics covering the most updated concept and most practical technology in this field. Extremely low birth weight and extremely preterm infants are one of the most challenging and special groups for NICU professionals. The outcome varies a lot among different countries and healthcare facilities. The forum provided a great opportunity for to discuss different solutions of the same problems that we all may confront.

The over 120 participant came from NICU, perinatology and neonatology departments across the country. Invited speakers included experts from the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. This conference demonstrated what clinical excellence is at UFH

The Resilient Person – Healthy Living in the Urban World:

In October of 2017, UFH Center of Learning coordinated with various clinical departments at BJU, including Internal Medicine, pediatrics, nutrition, physician therapy, Family Medicine, Integrated Medicine, etc., and partnered with the University of Cincinnati (U.S.), conducted this off-site conference at the CAMIC International Convention Center. The conference created an outstanding platform for clinical learning, as well as medical and cultural exchanges.

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