Center Introduction

The main purpose of the UFH Center for Clinical Research (CCR) is to preside, guide, and support clinical research not only internally but also through external cooperation, to ensure that all clinical studies comply with international and national clinical research guidelines. We hope to promote the efficient and scientific transformation of research results into clinical practice.

UFH Center for Clinical Research (CCR) presides, leads, and supports clinical research in many fields, including various clinical observations, epidemiological investigations, diagnostic studies, and clinical trials of medical devices and drugs. We support and promote collaborations and resource sharing with internal departments and other related organizations in clinical research. We sincerely look forward to working with colleagues with an interest in clinical research to jointly pursue excellence in clinical medicine.

Mission Statement

The United Family Healthcare (UFH) Center for Clinical Research (CCR) promotes and oversees clinical research conducted at all UFH facilities. Clinical research means any systematic investigation that involves human subjects.

Promotion and Support of Clinical Research

The UFH Center for Clinical Research promotes and assists investigators, at all UFH facilities in China, to design, conduct, and report clinical research projects. These projects include, but are not limited to, case reports, retrospective analysis, clinical trials of drugs and devices, and epidemiological studies. These projects may be UFH investigator-initiated studies, collaboration studies with other institutions, or studies sponsored by private companies or governmental agencies.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) has been established at UFH to protect the welfare of research participants. The IRB is equivalent to an “Ethics Committee on Human Research”. All research projects involving human subjects, conducted at facilities owned and operated by UFH, must be reviewed and approved by the UFH Institutional Review Board.

Center Services

Research Education & Training

The UFH CCR regularly provides training to IRB members, potential investigators, and staff at UFH on ethics in human research, Good Clinical Practice in human research, and methods in clinical research. The topics of the ongoing training seminars include: the definitions and importance of clinical research; history and protection of research subjects; the principles of ethics in human research; the responsibilities of investigators and the Institutional Review Board (IRB); categories and designs of clinical research; and the process of informed consent in clinical research. Education and training programs have the responsibility to realize the cultivation and reserve of medical talent.

UFH Facilities and Resources

Both standard and well-developed facilities and first-class medical staff are available in UFH to conduct clinical research.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB aims to protect the welfare of research participants by ensuring all research projects involving human subjects that are performed at facilities owned and operated by UFH must be reviewed and approved by the UFH institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB is equivalent to an Ethics Committee on Human Research.

Ongoing Research

Title: Antimicrobial resistance in uncomplicated urinary tract infections diagnosed in an international hospital network located in China.

Researchers: Shier Ziser, Yu Junfeng, Vivian Cao, and Shannon Moffett.

Research Competition

Providing seed funding to encourage UFH staff (medical and non-medical) to become engaged in research.

Qualified Persons

All UFH staff (medical as well as non-medical staff) can apply.

Application Requirements

  • 1Research proposal should be submitted before the deadline at 5 pm on October 30, 2015.
  • 2Complete all IRB forms and obtain IRB approval for the proposed research prior to submission.
  • 3Research projects should be completed within 1 year.
  • 4Status report to be submitted to CCR no later than July 31, 2016.
  • 5Publication of final results or presentation in a national or international conference.
  • 6Submission of budget together with proposal and end of project reconciliation of award money.


Three awards each totaling 10,000 RMB will be given to the top 3 applicants. The award can be used for any project related to the proposed research unrelated to anything salary-related. Ideally, the award will be used as a stepping stone for further research and grants to be obtained internally or externally.

Presentations & Lectures

2016.2.16 Mission of UFH Center for Clinical Research Dr. Maher Eldadah
2016.3.8 Clinical research: The responsibilities of investigators and IRB Dr. Renhua Na
2016.4.12 临床研究中统计学方法的选用原则(Chinese) Dr. Xu Tao, Peking Union Medical College
2016.4.25 Session 1: Point-of-care Resources on Medical and Nursing Researches (30 min)
Session 2: How Discovery Service can help med doctors and nurses for their r esearchers (30 min)
Session 3: Turning Big Data into Information for Research (30 min)
2016.5.10 Study of Internal Medicine Department Patient Needs And Quality of Care Improvement Intervention Dr. Katherine Bi
2016.8.9 Publications Produced from Clinical Practice Dr. Zhu Gang
2016.8.22 临床诊断能力评价的统计学分析(Chinese) Prof. Li Xueying, Peking University 1st Hospital
2016.9.13 The effect of walking rehabilitation robot on walking ability of post stroke survivors (English) Dr. Xiao Mingyue
2016.10.11 The study of a Novel CCL4L1 Mutation associated with persistent cloaca Dr. Wei Cheng
2016.11.8 Transcranial direct current stimulation effects in disorders of consciousness Dr. Jenny Wang
2015.1.13 Consecutive Mental Health Patients in a Family Medicine Practice – 6 Years Experience of a Family Doctor in Shanghai Dr. Lincoln Sakiara Miyasaka PDF
2015.2.10 Ethical Issues in Clinical Research. Dr. Maher Eldadah
2015.3.10 Why do I publish and How to Publish Dr. Derick Lau
2015.4.14 Clinical Research: History and Ethics Dr. Renhua Na
2015.5.12 The Art of Medical Presentation Dr. Derick Lau
2015.6.18 How to Get (articles) Published Mr. Keith De Blanger, General Manager at KeAi Publishing PDF
2015.7.14 The Art of Medical Presentation – 8 Steps to Get on the Stage. Dr. Derick Lau
2015.8.18 Evidence-based Medicine: Levels of Evidence and Guidelines. Dr. Jike Lu
2015.9.1 Writing an English Language Article for a SCI Journal. Dr. Daniel Porter
2015.10.13 Study Design of Randomized Controlled Trail Dr. Xueying Li, Peking University 1st Hospital
2015.11.10 Some Basic Concepts of Epidemiology/Biostatistics for Clinical Research Dr. Peng Zhou
2015.12.8 NIH Research Funding Opportunity Dr. Xia Chen, Peking Union Medical College Hospital
2014.1.14 The Missions of UFH Center for Clinical Research Dr. David Rutstein and Dr. Derick Lau
2014.2.11 Clinical Research: History and Ethics Dr. Renhua Na
2014.3.11 Clinical Research: Designs of Clinical Studies Dr. Derick Lau
2014.4.8 Clinical Research: The Responsibilities of Investigators and IRB Dr. Renhua Na
2014.5.13 The Anatomy of a Research Protocol and Informed Consent Dr. Derick Lau
2014.6.10 Biostatistics and Clinical Trials Dr. Sun from Merck
2014.7.8 Topical Imiquimod Cream for Treatment of Common Wart: A phase II Trial Dr. Renhua Na
2014.8.12 A Retrospective Analysis: Is PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer a Worthwhile Endeavor at UFH Clinics? Dr. Tian
2014.9.9 Prospects of Drug Trials in China from a US Pharmaceutical Company Merck (pharmaceutical company)
2014.10.14 How to Publish a Clinical Manuscript in an English Medical Journal?


Thank you for your interest in upcoming studies at the Center for Clinical Research of UFH. For a preregistration, basic information below is needed, please fill them in and we will contact you soon.