General introduction

The anesthesia group in the United Family Healthcare (UFH) network is composed of six different anesthesia teams from Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Shanghai Pudong, and Shanghai Puxi. After 20 years of development, the anesthesia group now offers comprehensive anesthesia and pain-relief services, meeting the anesthesia needs of patients both inside and outside the operating room (OR). The UFH anesthesia group consists of 36 anesthetists, who have many years of experience of working at top level hospitals, receive regular training at home and abroad, and closely follow the latest developments in the anesthesia field to ensure excellent services for patients.

How we operate differently

As the national economy and medical technology continue to improve, people’s needs for comfortable medical care keep rising. In order to meet these needs, the UFH anesthesia group gives priority to comfortable medical treatment. The group provides various outside-OR anesthesia services including: labor analgesia, dental anesthesia, painless endoscopy, CT/MRI anesthesia, etc. For dealing with acute pains during the perioperative period, we use multi-mode analgesia technology to help patients effectively control pain and enable them to recover quickly.

Additionally, through the establishment of an integrated delivery room and close multidisciplinary cooperation, we have achieved a family-centered and comfortable delivery service that allows fathers to participate in the whole process, whether it is a natural birth or cesarean section thus promoting the establishment of tight family bonds from the outset.

Results we have demonstrated

As one of the highlights of our service, the UFH medical anesthesia team has provided labor analgesia services for more than 20 years. We concentrate on providing analgesia in labor which is comparable to that of developed countries. Our anesthesia group also ensures the safety of patients during VBAC procedures and the patients with critical illnesses during labor. We monitor and record both the labor analgesia rate and the cesarean section rate. International evidence shows that good analgesia encourages mothers to breastfeed actively, and our breastfeeding rate supports that. Our medical model enables comfort management and maternal and child safety to achieve mutual benefits.

The benefit to patients

Inside the OR, we provide clinical anesthesia services for treatment, diagnosis, and surgery. In addition, the group has abundant experience in anesthesia and emergency services for patients with serious illnesses, ensuring the patients’ safety.