General introduction

Quality of care and safety of our patients is at the heart of each employee at UFH, but what does that mean for our patients? Our focus on quality and safety means that our clinical team work closely with all departments and staff to deliver healthcare that is evidence-based, effective, timely, safe, and with a special focus on personalized experience.

Clinical Networks

UFH clinicians and staff come from a multinational background and rich clinical experience. To leverage the experience from our expert team, we’ve set up structured clinical networks to formalize the sharing of best-practices. The expert pools that formulate each clinical network then guides UFH in advancements and prioritization of our footsteps in patient care or research. This web of a clinical network also allows us a fluid referral chain that provides our patients with the best care that they can get.

Culture of Safety

A culture of safety means to have a working environment where everyone is aware of the importance of safety, and is striving to continually improve in this area. It means that we practice proactive systems analysis and risk reduction, we promote open and effective communication, and encourage and support event reporting. The whole organization adopts a growth mindset for continuous improvement based on the latest knowledge. Annually, we conduct Culture of Safety Surveys to find out where we are (benchmarking) and where to focus our efforts on patient safety throughout the organization.

Accreditations and Awards

UFH is considered a pioneer in quality largely because UFH was the first private hospital in China to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2005. JCI accreditation is a rigorous process, the achievement of which represents the highest standard of quality and safety on a global scale. UFH hospitals and clinics in Beijing, Shanghai (Puxi), Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Qingdao have been accredited or repeatedly re-accredited; this is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Quality Performance Monitoring

We believe measuring quality helps us ensure quality, and we have put Quality Programs in place to continuously measure, improve, and enhance the care we provide. We use data to drive clinical priorities and promote positive changes. UFH constantly strives to improve the way we do things, for the benefit of our patients, their families and our staff.