General introduction to the UFH Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department at United Family Healthcare (UFH) is an integral part of providing high quality healthcare with our team committed to optimizing the use of medicines and improving the outcome of our patients’ health. Our department utilizes an international standard management philosophy, employs a comprehensive system for training, uses modern medicine storage equipment and an up-to-date hospital drug information system, and strives to provide our patients a comfortable and personalized experience for safe medication use.

An experienced team

The Pharmacy team at UFH comprises of outstanding pharmacists and clinical pharmacists who have either studied or worked overseas or have experience in local grade-A tertiary hospitals. We regularly attend training programs both in China and overseas to keep up with the latest developments in the field of pharmaceuticals and to provide patients with refined services to ensure compliance and rational use of medications.

We also employ pharmacy technicians to prepare medications and intravenous admixtures according to strict local government and JCI international standards. Our inventory specialists work closely with the frontline clinicians to ensure adequate and reliable medication supply.

Quality assurance

Rational and safe medication use is our goal. In UFH pharmacies, we accomplish this through:

  • Medication selection
  • Procurement
  • Storage

The medication and brand selection is clinically driven and overseen by each hospital’s Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee, based on safety, efficacy, and cost effectiveness data. UFH has a drug formulary which is updated periodically. Medications are obtained from the most reputable drug suppliers and we always procure the best available patented brand drugs. Vaccines are managed similarly like medicines and the sole supplier is each city district’s Center of Disease Control (CDC). All items are transported, stored, and managed according to strict and highest professional standards. We also have a closed loop medication supply system which allows us to trace items in case of recalls.

Rational and safe dispensing of medications

We are committed to improving patient experience while ensuring the quality of our pharmaceutical care. Each doctor’s prescription is reviewed by our pharmacists to ensure that safe and rational medication therapy is being provided. Our pharmacists also provide comprehensive information and advice on the prescription when dispensing it to patients.

We use an electronic health information system that keeps a record of each patient’s complete medical history. This enables us to discover drug safety information, such as drug allergies and drug interactions, in a timely manner. Patients who travel to our different UFH facilities in various cities around China can also obtain a medication supply if needed thanks to this universal health record system.

Medications used in-hospital are dispensed according to each individual dose and we adopt a closed loop medication administration system. This ensures that each dose that patients use can be accounted for and traced to the particular manufacturer and lot number if needed.

Results show excellence

By monitoring quality indicators and implementing improvement initiatives, UFH Pharmacy continues to provide trustworthy and personalized pharmaceutical care for both our ambulatory and hospitalized patients. Medication reconciliation completion rate within 24 hours continue to be over 90%, antibiotic usage rate is consistently lower than the government target, and the prescription review pass rate is close to 99%. Other routine monitors include drug expiration dates, drug monthly turnover days, and critical medication stock levels. Patient and internal staff satisfaction towards pharmacy services through information given and courtesy demonstrates our pharmacy department’s continued commitment to quality care.

How do our patients benefit

At the time of admission and discharge, our clinical pharmacists perform medication reconciliation to ensure accuracy of medication use during transitions of care. Within 24 hours of admission, we will collect the medication history from patients’ bedside, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, nutritional supplements, and allergy history. Selected patients will be continuously monitored after discharge to ensure compliance and additional questions such as adverse reactions are taken care of.

For patients who are on multiple chronic disease medications or who need further counseling about medication use, our specially trained clinical pharmacists can provide a comprehensive medication review in the pharmacist run clinic. With this medication therapy management (MTM) service, we work closely with patients and their doctor to develop a care plan with individualized therapy goal and personalized interventions.

Comprehensive clinical pharmacy services