United Family Healthcare (UFH), a high-end medical brand, with its roots in China for more than 20 years, reaches another milestone today: Shanghai United Family Hospital, relocated at No.699 Pingtang Road, comes into operation, covering the entire Hongqiao CBD. As an international comprehensive medical institution, the new hospital has introduced advanced concepts, upgraded the facilities comprehensively and improved services based on JCI, the gold standard for quality management of international hospitals. The new hospital will continue to meet the high-end medical needs of locals and expatriate citizens in surrounding communities, benefiting more patients. It will also contribute to the rapid development of the private medical sector in Shanghai.

An exciting historical opportunity after two decades of branding in the China market 

As one of the first foreign-funded medical institutions in China, UFH has been developing in China for more than two decades with its branches widespread in seven major cities in China since the opening of its first hospital in 1997. Twenty years ago, UFH opened a new window, which has brought refined service and international management models to China’s medical market.

During these 20 years of development in China, UFH has adhered to a premium management model, and provides diversified, reliable and convenient services for customers throughout its medical network based on its vision of “To Be Asia’s Premium Standard-Setting Healthcare System”. The core values of “Innovative, Caring, Accountable, Respectful and Excellent” and the mission of “To be a pioneering, international-level health system providing comprehensive, integrated healthcare in a uniquely warm, caring, patient service-oriented environment”.

15 years ago, Shanghai United Family Hospital (Puxi) became the first Sino-foreign joint venture hospital in Shanghai. Throughout these 15 years, UFH has met diversified market needs and created a full lifecycle medical experience for Shanghai citizens with patient-centric service and international medical models. It is truly a pioneer of high-end private medical service.

Today sees great opportunity in the private medical sector in Shanghai. Wu Jinglei, Director of Shanghai Health Commission, said that Shanghai will mainly construct the Shanghai International Medical Park and the New Hongqiao International Medical Center, and establish the preliminary structure of premium modern medical service through setting up medical institutions with integrated high-quality social capitals and medical resources at home and abroad. Thanks to preferential policies, UFH has also reached yet another milestone. According to Ms. Mah, General Manager of Shanghai United Family Hospital, the new hospital will introduce advanced international medical devices and excellent talents, and reduce medical costs based on preferential policies; and will also integrate into the municipal medical insurance system to provide healthcare services for more citizens through the innovative social insurance system and a new historical opportunity.

Fully upgraded facilities and services with a personalized, premium service 

The new United Family Hospital began operations at the new premises of 19,000m2 (3 times larger than the previous site) in October this year. The new site is only 1 km away from the previous one, which can minimize the inconvenience for customers caused by the change of address. The service and facilities at the new premise have been fully upgraded based on JCI standards.

In terms of facilities, the new hospital is equipped with the new Tesla MRI 3.0T system and the most advanced digital subtraction angiography, which are rare in private medical institutions in Shanghai, to provide patients with precise treatment and a better experience. In addition, the new hospital also has a compound operating room, which can complete complex surgeries, which previously needed multiple operations. This reduces risks and improves efficiency.

In terms of service, UFH has adhered to the consistent principle of making every effort to provide patients with unique and comprehensive medical service in a family-like comfortable environment. As an international medical brand, UFH has employees from 25 countries around the world who can ensure personalized and premium service for patients from different countries and regions.

As a characteristic of Shanghai United Family Hospital, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has experienced obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives and nurses, who can ensure professional and meticulous prenatal care, safe and scientific guidance as well as the full lifecycle service during pre-pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal periods. In addition, the Department of Pediatrics also has a strong international medical team supported by the top expertise in Shanghai, who will provide optimal solutions and service for new mothers and children. At present, the Department of Pediatrics provides a series of sub specialized pediatric service including pediatric disease prevention and healthcare service, pediatric outpatient service, pediatric inpatient service and neonatal care service.

Giving back to society, UFH is reshaping a new role in the private medical sector (subtitle)

Since its inception, UFH has always put patients first, drawing from the best medical models from both east and west. Ms. Roberta Lipson, Founder and CEO of UFH, said that from a niche hospital known only to a small number of foreigners to a representative of high-end medical service in Shanghai, UFH has achieved remarkable development. Until now, Shanghai United Family Hospital has provided high-end medical services for tens of thousands of customers every year.

With the principle of “serving society and giving back to society”, Shanghai United Family Hospital has been committed to continuously improving the medical environment in China through the social welfare and charity programs during the 15 years of development. According to statistics, UFH donates one percent of its total revenue in kind every year to support the low-income groups who urgently need medical resources through its charity arm, the United Foundation for China’s Health. The Foundation has provided free outpatient services for more than 10, 000 patients, free inpatient service of nearly 5,000 days and free surgeries for more than 200 patients. “UFH still has a long way to go in public welfare. “We will always focus on the vulnerable groups and fulfill our social responsibilities based on the medical ethics and benevolence,” said Ms. Lipson.

The development of the private medical sector is an inevitable requirement for deepening medical reform, improving the people’s livelihood and ensuring public health. The officials of Shanghai Health Commission said that in order to implement the “50 rules of healthcare service”, Shanghai will promote the development of high-end private medical services to introduce globalized medical services and support renowned physicians, medical departments and hospitals across the world. In the process of building a medical center in Asia, diversified and internationalized medical service is critical for Shanghai. The opening of the new Shanghai United Family Hospital will further promote the development of healthcare services and private medical sector in Shanghai to meet the needs of an ever diversifying healthcare market.