On July 18, the inaugural China-focused Hospital Management Asia (HMA) conference, held in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, witnessed the birth of several award winners, including Hospital Chief Executive of the Year, Best Community Involvement Project, and Best Clinical Service Project. Included in these awards, United Family Healthcare Vice-President and Beijing United Family Hospital General Manager Sylvia Pan received the Gold Award for Hospital Chief Executive of the Year, the highest honor of the evening. Among all the participants, Ms. Pan was also the only award winner from a non-public medical institution.

Well-known for connecting industry leaders and igniting conversations for future innovation, this will be the first event in China in the 17-year history of the series – reflecting the country’s dramatic economic growth across all industries, including healthcare.

According to the organizers of the awards, a record breaking 169 projects from 53 hospitals registered for the competition this year. HMA China partners and specially selected experts are formed into six judging sub-committees, one for every award category. These judging teams review the entries submitted, before choosing the winners.

Ms. Pan received the only Gold Award for Hospital Chief Executive of the Year. The criteria for this award includes the work of the hospital chief regarding the building of an organization culture that nurtures the skills of the hospital teams to inspire them to strive to be the best they can when providing care to patients. Also taken into account is the extent the project or program improves patient experience as a result of the increased, improved or innovative involvement of the leader and the teams and whether the hospitalchief inspired staff to step up and participate in brainstorming for these improvements.

Ms.Sylvia Pan gives a speech after receiving the Gold Award for Hospital Chief Executive of the Year.

Ms. Pan joined United Family Healthcare (UFH) in 1996 and was heavily involved in the preparations for and the opening of the flagship Beijing United Family Hospital. She has held a series of posts with UFH, including Project Manager, Administrative Manager, Acting General Managerof Shanghai United Family Hospital, and Vice President of Strategic System Development.

Ms. Pan has been general manager of Beijing United Family Hospital since 2008. Under her leadership, the hospital has transformed from a hospital specializing in maternity and pediatric services to a general hospital with more than 30 clinical departments that provides a full cycle of medical services ranging from prevention, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation.

With her leadership, BJU was approved as a level-2 general hospital in 2011, which qualified it to perform sophisticated operations such as cardiac surgery and neurosurgery. In 2015, it was the first non-public medical organization in China that installed the cutting edge da Vinci robotic surgical system, and has used it to perform more than 200 minimally invasive surgeries since then.

 In the medical industry, Ms. Pan is reputedas the “number one foreign-funded hospital manager in China”. She has made tremendous contributions to the development of privately funded hospitals and directly and indirectly pushed the reform of the non-public medical system in China.

UFH Vice-President and BJU General Manager Ms. Sylvia Pan

Since Ms. Pan became General Manager of Beijing United Family Hospital, there have been many major milestones including:

  • In 2005, Beijing United Family Hospital was one of the first hospitals certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI), and has been awarded the certification four consecutive times since 2008.
  • In 2007, Beijing United Family Hospital was first certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and awarded the certification six times in the following 10 years. The multiple JCI and CAP certifications attest to the hospital’s highly efficient interdepartmental coordination across the board from clinical to administrative departments, and its observation of the highest international standards regarding patient experience, clinical expertise, and logistics support.
  • In 2010, United Family New Hope Oncology Center began operations, demonstrating Beijing United Family Hospital’s breakthroughs and overall strength in cancer screening and treatment. It was the first out-patient medical organization in China that was qualified to perform radiotherapy.
  • In May 2015, the hospital became the first non-public medicalorganization in China to introduce the da Vinci robotic surgical system (The total number of these systems in China is currently 70). The use of the system has benefited patients in urology, gastrointestinal surgery, HBP surgery,thoracic surgery, thyroid surgery, among many others.
  • In November 2017, Beijing United Family Hospital passed Stage 6 ElectronicMedical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) certification from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). BJU was the first non-public medical organization in China to pass this certification.
  • In 2017, Beijing United Family Hospital had more than 200 full-time doctors, four times as many as when it was founded in 1997. The hospital’s environment and talent development concept has attracted many doctors from public hospitals.
  • The hospital registered nearly RMB 900 million in operating revenue for the 2016 fiscal year, and has achieved both business and operating revenue growth after its successful transformation into a general hospital.

Regarding hospital management, there is no end to the journey of “pursuing high-quality medical service, ensuring patient safety, and enhancing patient satisfaction”. Sylvia Pan insists on combining “international standards with Chinese practices,” and using international certification as a means of improving the hospital’s quality and upgrading its management system.

Groupphoto with all winners

Award Certificate

(Part of the above content is taken from the press release published on the official website of Hospital Management Asia China. Please check the link below for the complete press release:http://www.hospitalmanagement-china.com/press-releases)