On May 16, 2018, The United Foundation for China’s Health (UFCH) and DaDa, an online English-learning platform, forged a strategic partnership in Beijing. The two sides will center on “mother and children” and utilize the Wheels for Life mobile clinic to protect poverty-stricken mothers from diseases over thousands of kilometers and train staff members and volunteers of child-welfare institutions in a bid to achieve the mission of Healing Brings Hope.

A number of VIPs held on-site discussions at the press conference, including Ms. Roberta Lipson, Founder and CEO of United Family Healthcare (UFH) and Initiator of UFCH, Ms. Zhi Hui, Founder of DaDa, Ms. Anna Zhao, Executive Director of UFCH, and hostess for the evening, Zhang Quanling. Guests agreed that the pattern of public welfare behavior must be changed, hoping that in light of the demand side, effective public welfare can be put in place in a sustainable and professional manner. UFCH shared its long-term medical assistance experience since 2001. As the old proverb goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” UFCH expressed the hopes that, through the cooperation with DaDa, the two sides can further help the helpers and take care of the caregivers.

The public welfare program launched by both sides includes the Basic First Aid Training Program, two cancers (cervical cancer and breast cancer) screening for mothers in poor areas, and surgical treatment for orphans and children with disabilities. The program aims to use Wheels for Life to provide orphans, children with disabilities, and the migrant population across China with medical services, such as free routine medical examinations, and offer the Basic First Aid Training Program to care workers and volunteers. It is estimated that over 1,000 families of almost 10,000 needy members will benefit from this program.

About United Foundation for China’s Health(UFCH)

UFCH has offered medical assistance in various regions across China since 2001, focusing on maternal and child health, disease relief, and capacity improvement.

UFH, a representative of UFCH, has demonstrated its corporate social responsibility. It is the largest donor of UFCH, donating 1% of its annual revenue to help orphans, children with disabilities, migrant population and needy adults in China to provide them with medical assistance and surgical treatment. By doing so, it has improved the quality of their life.

Since 2015, the UFCH Wheels for Life mobile clinic medical vehicles have been dispatched to communities to cover the “last kilometer” of medical services for orphans, children with disabilities, migrant families, and those in need. They have now traveled more than 10,000 kilometers.

In January 2018, the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs officially approved the registration of UFCH as a China-based non-public foundation belonging to a charitable organization. “Healing brings hope” has always been the goal of UFCH.