United Family Healthcare’s mission is to provide comprehensive, personalized healthcare in a warm and welcoming environment. Over the past 15 years, Shanghai United Family Hospital’s international medical team has guided patient healthcare and led the development of high-end medical services in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Municipal Commission for Health Supervision recently announced that the city will promote the development of quality medical services to further implement “Article 50 on health care services”. Shanghai strives to provide international-standard medical services and to cultivate world-class doctors, departments and hospitals, aiming to become a major medical hub in Asia. In this climate of opportunity, Shanghai United Family Hospital, which is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary, is relocating and upgrading to even higher standards. The relocation has entered the final countdown phase and the facility will officially begin operating within this year.

Hardware and ‘software’ upgrades for more user-friendly healthcare service

Since its establishment, United Family Healthcare has adhered to a patient-centered approach integrating eastern and western medical traditions. Shanghai United Family Hospital began operating on 1 December 2004, swiftly taking its place at the frontier of private hospitals providing high-end medical services and earning Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation as a general hospital. Over the past 15 years, Shanghai United Family Hospital has amassed a team of highly-skilled medical staff and management professionals from around the world, introducing medical services in line with international standards and always insisting on providing high quality and multilayered services.

Ms. Roberta Lipson, Founder and CEO of United Family Healthcare, said that only a few foreigners knew about the hospital in the early days. Now, the hospital has come to represent outstanding medical care in Shanghai, attracting tens of thousands of people every year. Demand has gradually outgrown the original facility, which is now being relocated and expanded so that the hospital can continue to undertake the kind of ongoing development that has made it a frontrunner in the medical business.

The new site of Shanghai United Family Hospital is located at No. 699, Pingtang Road, Shanghai, with a building area of about 20,000 square meters. The new hospital comprises North and South buildings, including inpatient departments, operating rooms, examination rooms, auditorium, and reception rooms, etc. for multi-purpose use. According to Ms. Mah Lai Heng, General Manager of Shanghai United Family Hospital, the new facility is three times larger than the original one on Xianxia Road, which will enable the hospital to provide next-level healthcare services. The new hospital is also outfitted with full equipment upgrades, including the advanced 3.0t MAGNETOM Skyra MRI machine and other equipment to support accurate diagnostics and first-rate medical care.

Beyond ‘hardware’ upgrades, Shanghai United Family Hospital has always been committed to delivering personal, humanized healthcare. Ms. Mah said that Shanghai United Family Hospital was keen to build a patient-centered healthcare environment, selecting color and lighting schemes to soften the typical hospital ambience and promote relaxation. In these enhanced facilities, the international medical team will continue to provide high-quality, meticulous service in accordance with world standards.

A center of innovation in the business district

Shanghai is investing heavily in the construction of Shanghai International Medical Park and the new Hongqiao International Medical Center. By integrating high-quality social capital and top notch foreign and domestic medical resources, Shanghai is showcasing an innovative prototype of the modern high-end medical service industry. Ms. Mah also indicated that Shanghai UFH will keep introducing advanced medical equipment and recruiting talents on the basis of China’s reform and opening-up policy. With the policy advantage, medical costs will be reduced. Shanghai UFH will work hard to further incorporate into the municipal health insurance system, and continue to care for and protect citizens’ health and quality of life.

Benevolence and social responsibility

Benevolence is a hallmark of true doctors and, in that spirit, Shanghai UFH has engaged in charitable work for the past 15 years. UFH is committed to making continuous contributions to the improvement of China’s medical environment. United Family Healthcare donates 1% of its annual income towards medical services for low-income groups lacking healthcare resources. According to records, more than 10,000 outpatient visits and nearly 5,000 days of hospitalization were offered for free, and more than 200 patients received free surgical treatment at UFH. Ms. Roberta Lipson stated that there is still a long way to go in charity, and that the hospital will keep focusing on the vulnerable and fulfilling its social responsibilities.