More than 670 million women and children who yearn for a better life desire to see a strategy to achieve healthy living in China. During the 2019 National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (NPC and CPPCC), one of the objectives written into the government work report was to strengthen maternal and child healthcare services, as well as infant and child care services.

As a national “Medical Highland”, Shanghai issued the “Healthy Shanghai 2030 Program Outline” and “Article 50 on healthcare services”, which promote health as a city strategy and clearly state that health is an important symbol for Shanghai in order to become an excellent global city.

As a provider of private high-end healthcare services in Shanghai, Shanghai United Family Healthcare, with its international professional medical team, offers a warm and comfortable family-like medical environment, always promoting the health and welfare of women. Recently, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Shanghai United Family Healthcare officially launched its “full life cycle of women’s health and wellness” campaign to provide women with comprehensive healthcare services.

Gestation: More professional and more assured with 10 years of consistency

Babies are born every day at Shanghai United Family Hospital. When every pregnant woman is able to deliver new life safely, and when every child thrives, and a small family will have laughter, the whole country will prosper.

Currently, young mothers who purse quality living and second-time mothers who still remember the labor pains from their first delivery are turning their attention to foreign medical institutions with better medical services. After the implementation of the two-child policy, many families have put forward different levels of requirements for maternal healthcare, delivery, postpartum recovery, and newborn healthcare.

Shanghai United Family Hospital provides international medical care services to meet the different needs of women of all ages, to provide comprehensive one-stop medical services in a warm, caring and patient-centered environment. A team of obstetricians and gynecologists, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, midwives and nurses who were trained overseas can provide women with a full range of healthcare services, including women’s healthcare and routine examinations.

Ms. Ye, a mother of two, said that compared with her first delivery at Shanghai United Family Hospital 10 years ago, the medical facilities are now more advanced, the doctors are more professional and the medical environment is much better. She said, “At United Family Healthcare, I observed the doctors and nurses running everywhere to provide quick and timely service. Such things cannot be seen in public hospitals.”

Fresh start: guard life with love and confidence

Every life goes through hardships, and this is shown in the greatness of the mother. United Family Healthcare focuses on the health needs of women throughout their whole life and provides them with comprehensive services, including postpartum rehabilitation. Delivery and recovery in an internationally funded hospital is no longer exclusively for the rich and famous. Fertility is not only the birth of a new life, but also the rebirth of the woman herself.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in gynecology and pediatrics, Shanghai United Family Postpartum Rehabilitation Center is coordinated by a team of Chinese and foreign experts, as well as a rehabilitation team, which can provide 24-hour tracking and guidance to scientifically promote the growth and development of newborn babies. They also help mothers adjust to their bodies and provide round-the-clock security guarantee for a healthy life. The star-rated wards can provide a hotel-style stay experience. Under the professional and scientific concept of monthly recuperation, strong medical team support, featured facilities and customized services, we are committed to providing a comfortable family-like experience for every mother and her family.

Dr. Chen Lei, Chair of the Dermatology Department in Shanghai United Family Hospital, said that this is a modern and comprehensive hospital that follows an international standard management system. Many mothers who gave birth in the hospital will come to the dermatology department for consultation on skin beauty, physique, and scars. The doctor will give personalized suggestions and recovery plans according to the specific situation of the mother and her baby.

Love is everywhere, health is always here

According to Ms Mah Lai Heng, General Manager of Shanghai United Family Hospital, in addition to childbirth and postpartum rehabilitation, United Family will provide comprehensive one-stop medical services when it comes to the medical care needs of women of all ages.

The Dermatology Department in Shanghai United Family Hospital can provide women who love beauty with daily skin management and moisturizing. They also offer other services such as wedding photo preparations, body slimming and shaping before going on a holiday, treatment of postpartum stretch marks, hair loss and other exclusive services for women. They also give young women HPV vaccinations, youth health checks, annual health checks and professional physical examinations for women, such as cervical cancer screening.

The professional medical team in Shanghai United Family Hospital will also provide all-round care and protection to white-collar women who suffer from irregular menstruation, dry eyes, dyspepsia and undesirable physical conditions due to work pressure. For women who love fitness, the orthopedic team can also provide targeted sports recovery programs according to the characteristics of women of different ages. From the protection of children to the care of young girls, and the care of new mothers to the care of elderly women, Shanghai United Family Hospital pays close attention to the health needs of women during their whole life cycle and carefully accompanies them at every stop in a woman’s life.