Dear United Family Community,

It has been an extraordinary spring festival.  Some of you are still away, some friends have returned and are ready to begin working within the next week, some returnees because of their travel itineraries are doing their best to enjoy some time at home while awaiting their quarantine period to be over.  Many of us here at United Family have never left our posts, or are now backing in the saddle.

Many friends in our United Family Community who rely on our services have been asking about the level of preparedness and situation at our hospital.  I can confirm that United Family Healthcare (UFH) platform, which currently operates 7 hospitals and 18 clinics in China, is well prepared to care for patients through the current challenges of the new coronavirus (n-CoV) outbreak. UFH is among a handful of private healthcare operators in China designated by the government to operate fever screening centers in its hospital facilities for combatting the the n-CoV outbreak. This designation represents the confidence of the government in UFH’s standards, processes, and clinical experience to contribute to the containment and treatment of this virus.

In each of our facilities, we have taken every precaution to ensure safe patient flows. In accordance with the guidance of the Health Bureau, United Family  hospital facilities which have been designated as screening facilities have specialized separate and isolated areas in which to screen and test fever patients for potential infection by the N-CoV virus. These screening fever centers are sufficiently separated by air flows and work flows from normal patient clinics, emergency rooms and in-patient facilities to keep any potentially infected patients from impacting other patients or visitors.  Although we have screened hundreds of patients with colds and conventional flu, we have had no case of n CoV at any of our facilities.

As such, nearly all departments continue to offer services as needed for both inpatients and outpatients. We hope that no one will avoid refilling an essential medication or allow a medical condition to worsen out of concern over coming to our hospitals and clinics. We will continue to do the utmost to provide a secure environment and safeguard your health.

UFH takes seriously its obligation to be continually available to the community it serves and as such has made sure that it has sufficient supplies to protect both its healthcare workers and patients. The organization is uniquely prepared among all private hospitals in China, having had experience as a designated international screening center in Beijing during the SARS epidemic. As a result of UFH’s depth of industry experience, international best practices, and committed workforce, UFH has been able to supply staff with training, adjust patient flows, and stock appropriate supplies early in the process to meet the needs of the outbreak.

We are here for you and your family at this difficult time.

Roberta Lipson

February 4, 2020