With the increasing public demand for medical and health services, how can pediatric medicine, one of the four major clinical disciplines, provide more refined and accurate diagnoses and treatments for children? To address this concern, Shanghai United Family Hospital hosted the Shanghai Paediatric Sub-professional Cooperative Forum on July 7, 2019 at the new hospital location at 699 Pingtang Road, Changning District, Shanghai.

More than ten local and international pediatric experts from Fudan University-affiliated pediatric hospital, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University-affiliated children’s hospital and the Department of Pediatrics in Shanghai United Family Hospital, gathered to discuss the latest trends in infectious diseases, chronic disease diagnoses and treatment of children, children pediatric disease imaging studies, and children’s clinical research and academic issues such as application of antibiotics.

Shanghai United Family Hospital General Manager, Mah Lai Heng said, “This forum is a feast of wisdom and scholarship. We hope to build a higher platform to help the development of pediatricians in Shanghai. Through this forum, hopefully we can enhance communication within the industry, learn from each other and harvest the rich achievements in the academic development of pediatric medicine.”

At the forum, experts and scholars believed that the new national health strategy in China will have a significant impact on the entire pediatric medicine practice. During the process of diagnosis and treatment, pediatricians should not only think about diseases, but also deeply consider the whole process of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, so that children can get better medical services.

Following on and building on the great health development concept in China, the pediatrics service lines have already exceeded the definition of pediatrics in textbooks and extended from medical service to health service. As an early non-public medical institution established in China, United Family Healthcare’s medical service has more than 20 years of experience in the field of public healthcare. We provide high-quality medical services and take a leading position in comprehensive health innovation.

In order to address the shortage in pediatric medical resources and difficulties in consultation treatment, the international team of pediatric experts at Shanghai United Family Hospital provides specialist outpatient service, in-patient service, neonatal care, child prevention and healthcare service, and other pediatric services. By cooperating with pediatric departments of general public hospitals and children’s speciality hospitals, the pediatrics department in Shanghai United Family Hospital provides more inviting and convenient medical services for children and parents,  helping children to grow up healthy and strong.