Everyone in Shenzhen knows well the intersection of Xinzhou Road and Fuqiang Road in Futian District. Fuqiang Road is a main artery connecting old and new Shenzhen. To the north of the intersection is the downtown area, and to the south is the Xiang River. It is here that Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital (SNFUFH) is soon to initiate a new chapter in healthcare as it brings exceptional, high-end medical services to the Greater Bay Area (GBA). New Frontier Group cofounder and CEO Carl Wu attended the hospital’s open house. New Frontier Group cofounder, chairman, and New Frontier Health (NFH) chairman Antony Leung, NFH board members, SNFUFH honorary director Edward Leong, United Family Healthcare founder Roberta Lipson, and general manager of Beijing and Shenzhen markets Sylvia Pan did send their blessings via videos.

All-in-one medical care service development in GBA

Though Shenzhen is separated from Hong Kong by a mere river, there are many differences in the medical system. “SNFUFH is the first general hospital built since NFH and United Family Healthcare merged. Through the permission to use Hong Kong and Macao-registered drugs and medical devices throughout the GBA and Shenzhen’s relaxed restrictions on innovative drugs and medical devices, along with cross-border medical referrals, we look forward to all parties involved helping each other with their strengths and resources, in turn offering patients greater medical care convenience and ‘green channels,’” Wu stated. His plan for the hospital’s development looks far into the future.

He stated that as a general hospital with funding from Hong Kong and the corresponding advantages, SNFUFH not only has good physicians but can also connect with experts and foreign doctors throughout the United Family Healthcare network. Moreover, the hospital will draw from NFH’s HEAL Oncology Centre in Hong Kong to further benefit GBA residents, which puts the hospital’s medical management model on par with international standards. As a result, there will be more exchanges regarding sharing and the upgrade of treatment services and research in the GBA oncology field, helping propel the formation of an ecosystem of high-end, all-in-one medical care in the region.

SNFUFH’s opportunities and strengths

Ever since United Family Healthcare’s first hospital was built, it has never stopped pursuing perfection, placing particular emphasis on quality, safety, and service. SNFUFH will continue to uphold the modern hospital management concepts of United Family Healthcare so as to provide personalized, high-quality, patient-centered medical service to people from various nations/regions.

United Family Healthcare has built an effective international team of medical experts from China and abroad. “The hospital in Shenzhen will incorporate resources from our Hong Kong medical team, and with our service concepts, advanced equipment, and personnel training, I’m sure we’ll be quite competitive among the high-end medical treatment organizations in the region,” hospital executive director Liu Zhuo stated. As part of United Family Healthcare’s management team for over a decade, he is highly confident in the hospital’s future development. “88.5% of our physicians have worked at tertiary public hospitals, and 93% have at least ten years of clinical experience. We have clinical and pharmaceutical experts who have overseas experience as well as experts from the 301 Hospital in Beijing and Peking Union Medical College Hospital. We firmly believe such a medical team will create a strong foundation for the future development of each of our departments, in turn allowing us to provide better service to patients.”

The GBA has a population of over 70 million, over 17% of whom are 65 or older, which means medical services are in high demand. “Our HEAL Oncology Centre and HEAL Medical Group in Hong Kong are part of New Frontier Group’s early contributions to the GBA. We now have over 30 specialists from Hong Kong’s Queen Mary Hospital who specialize in radiotherapy, genomic diagnosis, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and TCM, to name a few,” Carl stated. With Shenzhen and Hong Kong becoming better connected, the hospital’s strengths will become more pronounced, providing patients with high-end medical services that comply with international standards and evidence-based-medicine principles.

Watching over families’ health at all stages of life

With the arrival of times when people are having three children, what should hospitals do to help families live healthy lives? And how should we ensure the elderly live out their final stage of life with dignity? Being patient-centered, United Family Healthcare is continually providing medical services in the aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, offering people lifelong medical care “from the cradle to the rocking chair.” When it comes to health, United Family is part of your family.

“Complete, lifelong, proactive health management solutions are what we offer to patients and their families. We provide one-stop medical imagery and test services, including MRIs, CTs, DRs, molybdenum target x-rays, bone density tests, and ultrasounds,” said New Frontier executive director and GBA-region COO Brian Xiao. “A patient-centered service concept requires the linking of service, diagnosis, treatment solutions, and follow-up service, which is what UFH’s general medicine and graded diagnosis and treatment method achieves. It is a form of care that serves patients at all stages of life and all aspects, including physical health, mental health, family life, and social functionality. Our goal is to ensure our service revolves around the family.”

SNFUFH’s management and design teams have broken past the traditional concept of simply “building a hospital for the infirm,” instead applying cohesiveness and innovation in making the hospital meet the standards of both modern architecture and international medical care organizations. The concept of family has been incorporated into every aspect of the hospital to give it that homey sense of openness and warmth. The hospital meets the health and growth needs of children, allows middle-aged people to feel relaxed and supported in their pursuit for the well-being of their families, and gives the elderly a sense of home-like care and peace of mind.

JCI standards + technological empowerment = smart hospital

As a high-end private hospital, SNFUFH follows JCI standards (as does the entire United Family Healthcare organization), which are the most recognized international standards for hospitals, in its design and management, emphasizing patient safety and ever-progressing quality. According to chief medical officer Ren Hua, “Whether it be case management, record management, or the management and operations of the entire hospital, we strictly adhere to JCI standards. For instance, the procedure and amount of time for communication between physicians and patients are stringently ordered. We believe that complying with JCI standards and the relaxed restrictions on drugs and devices from Hong Kong and Macao complement each other well.”

The hospital’s mission is to become a smart hospital of international standards that is technologically empowered. Besides settling for nothing less than the best medical equipment, the hospital also focuses on the crucial aspect of using digital technology to serve as an Internet hospital. Hospital executive director Zhou Xiaomei said, “With our Internet hospital, patients can have follow-up visits, make appointments, pay fees, and see medical reports more conveniently, greatly optimizing their treatment and reducing the number of unnecessary steps. This allows physicians and staff to focus more on their most important tasks while optimizing the efficiency of the hospital’s functionality.”

As part of the GBA, a pilot demonstration area, and a special economic zone, Shenzhen is ripe for development. Management at the SNFUFH looks to make use of these favorable conditions to allow the people of the GBA to become more familiar with and experience high-end medical care. Moreover, the hospital is seizing this opportunity in history to make the most of its strengths in medical treatment and care for the elderly, increase cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, and become a highly competitive medical service provider.