The Hong Kong Medical Association (“HKMA”) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) on cooperation with the United Family Healthcare (“UFH”) to establish a “Pilot Programme for Medical Talent Training and Exchange between Hong Kong and the Mainland”. This allows Hong Kong medical students to train at mainland hospitals while also launching CME courses for doctors in both regions to participate, broadening talent exchange reach.


Dr YEUNG, Hip Wo, Vice-President of the HKMA and Mr Brian SIU, Executive Director of New Frontier Group and its Chief Operating Officer for the Bay Area, signed a one-year (2024-2025) MoU, officially commencing the collaboration on nurturing medical talents across the two regions. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Dr CHENG, Chi Man, President of the HKMA and Mr Carl WU, the Co-founder and Group CEO of New Frontier, CEO of New Frontier Health / United Family Healthcare, together with Dr LEONG, Che Hung, Director of New Frontier Corporation and Honorary Dean of Shenzhen Harmony Medical Center, as well as Dr KO, Wing Man, Senior Advisor of New Frontier Group Limited.



Dr CHENG, Chi Man, President of the HKMA said, “The HKMA has always placed great emphasis on nurturing the young generation in the medical community. While we have local events such as the annual ‘Career Seminar’ preparing medical students for professional development, we believe the huge medical cases in mainland China present equally great learning opportunities for Hong Kong students. This collaboration with UFH cultivates medical talents across the two regions, laying the foundation for further cooperation.”


Dedicated to nurturing young medical talents, the HKMA regularly organises workshops, career seminars and outreach services through its Medical Students Subcommittee. In this May, the HKMA signed an MoU with Chinese Medical Association for Hong Kong medical students’ attachment in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. The HKMA also travelled to Xinjiang and Beijing where they established cooperative partnerships and medical student exchanges with local medical universities, hospitals, medical associations and relevant government units. Moving forward, the HKMA will continue collaborating with more medical institutions to deepen medical talent exchanges across regions.