On July 20, 2022, United Family Healthcare announced New Frontier Group cofounder and CEO Carl Wu will take over as CEO of United Family Healthcare. In 2020, he began serving as United Family Healthcare’s executive committee chair and president. United Family Healthcare cofounder and former CEO Roberta Lipson will become vice chair for medical affairs and continue to provide important guidance to the board.

United Family Healthcare, a subsidiary of New Frontier Group, is one of the largest and most well-known high-end general hospital organizations in China. Founded in 1997 in Beijing, it has held to modern hospital management concepts and provided personalized, high-quality, patient-centered medical care ever since. The United Family Healthcare network has grown to include Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Bo’ao, boasting 11 general/specialized hospitals, 14 satellite clinics, and its Internet hospital, which serves the entire nation.

Regarding future development, Wu stated, “New Frontier and United Family Healthcare hold to the values of being patient-centered and always endeavoring to do good by doing well and are devoted to providing China with outstanding medical care services. Enhancing our clinical skills and services is a focal point of development. On the foundation of our general medicine capacity, we look to provide care to even more people via family medicine, technology, health insurance, and the Internet.

New Frontier Group cofounder and CEO and United Family Healthcare CEO Carl Wu.


Under the direction of Carl Wu and of New Frontier Group cofounder and chairman and New Frontier Health chairman Antony Leung, New Frontier Group has founded Care Alliance and YDcare, which are focused on rehabilitation hospitals and home healthcare. Together, the two boast about 7,000 rehabilitation beds, 20 rehabilitation hospitals, and over 200 community nursing stations in over 40 cities. In 2019, New Frontier officially entered the high-end medical service field when it acquired United Family Healthcare, a private, high-end medical care organization. Since then, the group has served nearly ten million people annually.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, private hospitals have been given both massive operational challenges and development opportunities. With the hard work of its management and medical teams, United Family Healthcare has strictly implemented a number of prevention measures, creating a “Covid Control Line” and a “Patient Lifeline.” At the same time, they have ensured the normal operation of emergency and inpatient services. Wu and those in higher management have led several hospitals under the United Family banner in rapid growth. The United Family Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Beijing and the Shenzhen New Frontier United Family Hospital have begun operations, initiating greater capacity and more features in the area of medical specialty. The United Family Internet hospital, which serves all of China, came online during Covid to provide remote care, chronic disease management, and drug delivery.

“Carl Wu has over 18 years of experience with investment and mergers and has founded from scratch several enterprises related to the Healthy China initiative. He and his team have worked diligently on innovation, bringing in both talented personnel and management experience, in turn boosting each organization’s operational quality and efficiency. Even though Covid-19 has brought about numerous challenges for an extended period, Carl has led the operations team in performing exceptionally, maintaining normal operations at all United Family hospitals and clinics while completing the digitalization of internal management and external services. New Frontier Group demands that each of its employees work to allow the enterprise to do good things and perform well every day. I’m sure that under Carl’s leadership, United Family Healthcare will continue to provide outstanding service, proactively engage in the Healthy China development strategy, comply closely with government policies, expand upon existing services, fulfill the social mission of providing patient-centered care, and develop rapidly,” stated Leung.

Lipson, who will take over as vice chair of medical affairs, stated, “It’s such an honor to have led United Family Healthcare’s development for the past 25 years. I’d like to thank everyone who has worked there for their years of dedication and effort. After New Frontier acquired UFH, Carl and I have led the company through a crucial development phase. Everyone who works there has seen his capacity as a leader and innovator as well as his willingness to work hard to make our medical services outstanding. Thus, I think it’s time to pass the baton, as I’m full of confidence in him and the management team. I will continue to provide support in management and on the board.”

Wu replied, “I’d like to thank Mr. Leung, Roberta, the board members, and the shareholders for their confidence in me. The team and I will continue to carry out the United Family Healthcare mission of being patient-centered and providing medical services of excellent quality. What Roberta started has led China’s private medical care development. In the future, we will use innovation to empower our subsidiaries in boosting medical care quality and serving more patients, families, and communities. I’d also like to thank the various levels of government that have provided so much support, and Roberta for all she has done for UFH over the past 25 years. I’ll do my best to keep the team united, continue innovating, and further the development of special departments so as to ensure United Family Healthcare plays an even bigger role in the Healthy China ecosystem.”