Recently the Second South China Summit on International High-end Medical and Commercial Insurance Services convened in  Guangzhou and declared the establishment of South China Alliance of International High-end Medical and Commercial Insurance Services, which was co-initiated by Guangdong Province Hospital Association and Guangdong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association and composed of medical and healthcare industry associations, key Class-A tertiary hospitals, high-end medical institutions, commercial insurance agencies, international medical organizations, and noted pharmaceutical enterprises in South China. At the inauguration ceremony, GZU was announced as the vice-chairman member unit.

UFH Guangzhou announced as the vice-chairman member unit

The Alliance will introduce world-class mode of delivering high-end medical and commercial insurance services, incorporate resources, and reform the cooperative service system to give Chinese consumers access to the world’s top medical and special insurance services.

The high-profile GZU, a member of the Alliance, has been recently inaugurated and is open for business. Located in Haizhu District, it is so far the biggest hospital in the ever expanding United Family Healthcare nationwide network of hospitals and clinics. It will provide a wide array of medical services including Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Dermatology, Stomatology, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, 24-hour Emergency, as well as specialty services such as General Family Medicine, Multidisciplinary Maternity Wards, Postpartum Rehabilitation Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The exterior of UFH Guangzhou

Dr. Kate Gaynor, General Manager of UFH Guangzhou, gave a speech entitled “Collaboration between Private and Public Hospitals in Delivering High-end Medical Services” at the summit. Speaking of how to solicit trust and support from more insurance companies and increase the insurance business, she said, “As you all know, we have a really good partnership with high-end medical insurance agencies. For example, as long as the patient registers with their insurance card upon their first visit to UFH, we will take care of the payment settlements with the insurance agency on their behalf from then on. Instant settlement sounds easy, but in fact we have done a lot to make that happen. We have been working relentlessly to improve our medical service capacity, procedures, and quality. The partnership won’t sustain unless it can benefit patients, medical institutions and insurance agencies at the same time.”

Dr. Kate Gaynor, General Manager of UFH Guangzhou, speaking at the summit

As one of the top international medical institutions in South China, the GZU makes direct settlement with several international insurance agencies for the convenience of patients. The direct settlement deal will be extended to more insurance companies following its opening so that more and more patients can access UHF’s premium medical services.

List of insurance companies with direct settlement deals with UFH Guangzhou

What about the uninsured? UFH opens its door to everyone, including uninsured patients. Our charge structure is simple, saving you the trouble of speculation. You are welcome to make an appointment according to your budget. The charges for medical consultation, vaccination and medical treatment are all transparent, fair and reasonable. We will provide you with high-level, high-standard medical services as always.