The “Trustworthy Brands Tour” of Qingdao private healthcare institutions kicked off on March 14, 2019. Under the guidance of Qingdao Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office, Qingdao Municipal Health Commission, Qingdao Administration for Market Regulation and Qingdao Municipal Red Cross, the activity was sponsored by Qingdao Newspaper Press & Media Group Co. Ltd. and organized by Qingdao Morning, and all media of Qingdao Newspaper Press & Media Group Co. Ltd.

As an international level with modern hospital management concepts, providing patients with personalized, high-quality, patient-centered medical services Qingdao United Family Hospital (QDU) has continuously provided Chinese and foreign patients in Qingdao and Shandong Province at large with quality healthcare services. QDU, thanks to the trust and recognition of the people accumulated over the years, had the honor to be accepted into the Qingdao Private Healthcare Institutions Trust and Integrity Alliance.

The establishment of the Trust and Integrity Alliance and the League of Qingdao Private Healthcare Institutions is a big event in the history of private healthcare development in Qingdao. The private healthcare industry is a crucial part of the private economy that is an important component of the socialist market economy. Since the start of reform and opening up, private healthcare institutions in Qingdao have been developed from scratch and have been growing from strength to strength, playing a growing role in serving society and the public. They have grown in number and cover an increasing range of medical fields, and service quality is constantly being enhanced. Development in gynecology, ophthalmology, senile diseases, oral health care, rehabilitation, and the fields where resources are scarce and demands are diversified. They are moving towards development in chains and groups, and have put in place standardized management and service modes. The private healthcare institutions and public medical institutions combine to form an important force of the medical service system in Qingdao.

Wang Qingxian, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee, has repeatedly emphasized that we should stick to the fundamental requirement to conquer challenges and move in the right direction by following examples. What is the fundamental requirement for private healthcare institutions? In essence it is trust and integrity. To completely change the current situation that we are in regardless of certain cases that lost the trust of the patients, the industry and the government, the private healthcare institutions should strengthen themselves, always put social responsibility rather than profiteering first, strengthen their sense of responsibility of practice by law and trustworthy operations, hold the bottom line, adhere to the “patients first” principle, put love, patience and sense of responsibility into every link of medical service delivery, and continuously improve their medical technology level to provide patients with even safer, more convenient and targeted medical services.

QDU, as part of the United Family Healthcare (UFH) network, upholds the modern hospital management philosophy, is committed to providing personalized, high-quality and patient-centered medical services. After years of development, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou United Family Hospitals have been accredited by the Joint Committee International (JCI). QDU will most certainly follow suit.

While persevering in delivering quality medical services, UFH has set up the United Foundation for China’s Health charity which annually receives donations of 1% of the UFH yearly revenue to help orphans and children with disabilities as well as disadvantaged adults by providing them with medical services to save their lives.

Since its establishment, QDU has set up the first breast milk bank in a private hospital in Qingdao, contributing to the health of local people, and especially maternal and children’s health. It has repeatedly offered the left-behind children in Li County medical help, in a way to carry out “drip irrigation style” targeted poverty relief. In the future, the QDU will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and hold fast to its original aspiration, to make its share of contributions to the diversification of healthcare in the city.

QDU’s Breast Milk Bank was launched in September 2017.

The pediatricians of the QDU head to Li County to provide the local kids with medical treatment and physical examinations for free.

The private healthcare industry has a long way to go. Its development entails the concerted efforts of private healthcare institutions, competent departments of the government and mainstream media. As long as the three parties work with one mind, they will produce a synergetic effect driving the development of the industry. As thus, the private healthcare industry will finally break the bottlenecks, grow from strength to strength, and become a pillar of the city’s healthcare system to the benefit of more people.