UFH’s mission is to provide comprehensive, integrated healthcare services in a uniquely warm and caring, patient service-orientated environment. This translates to excellent patient care, which is the core of this training program. In the therapists’ perspective, there are four core competencies involved in providing excellent, quality and safe patient care: clinical competency, leadership competency, professional behavior competency, professionalism, and leadership. The care of patients across the lifespan will be threaded throughout the curriculum.

The training framework:

There are four levels of competency: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. As the new intern enters UFH, she/he may be equipped with basic therapist knowledge as well as clinical exposure, categorizing her/him as advanced beginner. However, since UFH is adapting international standards of health care, with multi-cultural patients and healthcare providers, new interns will enter the UFH environment as novices. Furthermore, there appears to be a gap between the educational preparation of the new graduate and the practice standards at UFH. This training program aims at bridging this gap. Furthermore, this program will utilize various educational strategies and blend didactics, simulation, clinical exposure, and reflection sessions into the curriculum.

Purpose of the program:

This 12-month training program is aimed at increasing the clinical competency and easing the transition into the UFH work environment. The TRP is intended to fill gap between the new graduates’ educational preparation and the expected competencies required as a UFH therapist.
The Therapist Residency Program is 12 months in duration (PT (PPR&AT) \ OT (&pediatric) \ST). The new graduate therapists will have the opportunity to have (6-4-2)-month class and clinical practice.

Expected outcomes:

At the end of the Residency Program, trainees are to demonstrate the following:

1. Increased knowledge in general Therapist concepts.
2. Adequate knowledge and skills in various specialty areas.
3. Apply UFH procedures and policies in their therapist practice.
4. Perform basic nursing skills at a competent level.
5. Demonstrate effective communication skills.
6. Demonstrate critical thinking through written exam, simulation and clinical practice.
7. Demonstrate professionalism and beginning leadership abilities.

Core modules:

The Core Modules of Therapist Residency Program are:

1. Therapist Clinical Concepts
2. Communication
3. Critical thinking and Simulation
4. Professionalism and Leadership
5. UFH Policies and Procedures