If Hainan Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone is compared to an airport, then the United Family Bo’ao Medical Center is the first airline company to settle in. On March 31, 2018, the United Family Bo’ao Medical Center was officially opened providing Chinese cancer patients with world-class cancer treatment and the world’s latest vaccines without the trouble of traveling overseas or to Hong Kong.

In 2013, the State Council approved the establishment of the Hainan Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, and granted nine preferential state policies for the import of medical technology, drugs, and equipment. On March 31, 2018, the first landmark project in the pilot zone, Bo’ao Super Hospital, was opened as scheduled, aiming to explore the operating model of “a shared hospital platform + several clinical medical centers.” United Family Healthcare (UFH) was invited to join the Super Hospital with nearly ten other medical teams led by academicians and renowned professors.

Ms. Roberta Lipson, the Founder and CEO of UFH, shared the founding background for the United Family Bo’ao Medical Center: “with strong policy support from the government, the International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone not only advances the development of Hainan but also benefits patients in China. UFH has responded positively to the government’s call, bringing high-quality services to Bo’ao and leveraging our strengths to provide patients with top medical services that meet international standards.”

The United Family Bo’ao Medical Center consists of the International Oncology Center and the International Vaccination Center. Adhering to UFH standards, the International Oncology Center will continue to follow international guidelines for medical treatment and make full use of the preferential policies designated for the pilot zone regarding the use of new medical technologies, new devices, and new drugs to provide patients with the latest tumor treatment in the world. It will also cooperate with first-class cancer hospitals at home and abroad to provide expert consultation services for patients.

According to the latest report on the incidence and fatality of malicious tumors in China published by the National Cancer Center of China, an average of seven patients are diagnosed with and four die of cancer per minute in China. The following are the two key factors of the low survival rate in cancer treatment in China: First, the low proportion of early diagnosed cases indicates that screening is not popular enough and public awareness of cancer prevention is low. Second, China is behind European and American countries in the clinical application of effective new drugs. Recent years have seen many Chinese cancer patients traveling abroad to seek new cancer treatments.

Guo Ying, head of the United Family New Hope Oncology Center, mentioned that the cancer patients can apply for the use of new anti-cancer drugs that have been marketed in developed countries in Europe and the United States but have not yet been approved on the Chinese mainland through the International Oncology Center, including PD-1/PD- L1 inhibitors. UFH aims to utilize the preferential policies for Bo’ao pilot zone on top of its existing cancer services to determine and implement international diagnosis and treatment programs. At present, some of our patients’ applications have been approved and they will soon be receiving treatments in Bo’ao.”

Currently, the International Oncology Center provides screening and diagnosis and treatment to patients with malicious tumors of the breast, lungs, thymus, stomach, colorectum, kidneys, prostate, cervix uteri, lymphoma, and melanin. Adhering to the diagnosis and treatment norms set by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), the center will team up with medical experts at home and abroad to provide world-class and individualized treatments for cancer patients in China.

The International Vaccination Center aims to provide adults with vaccination services that are in line with international standards. Supported by the licensed medical platform of Super Hospital, it will uphold UFH service-oriented tradition, and provide new vaccines that are highly demanded but to be domestically approved, such as the HPV-9 vaccine.

For more details, please call the Cancer Center at (010) 59273008 from 8:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday or the 24-hour service center at 4008-919191.